Water Dogs

Based on the acclaimed novel by Lewis Robinson, Water Dogs is a suspenseful, darkly comic examination of the mysteries that hold together the delicate patchwork of family.

Bennie knows that the details of his life don’t show well. A  27 year-old college dropout with stalled ambitions, he works at an animal shelter and lives with his bullheaded older brother, Littlefield, in their old family home on Meadow Island, Maine, a house that has fallen into disrepair since their father’s untimely death several years earlier. When a massive blizzard hits one Saturday afternoon, the brothers and a crew of roughneck war-game enthusiasts decide to play paintball at the local granite quarry. Bennie accidentally falls into a gully, landing in the hospital, and wonders if his life can get any worse. But when one of the players disappears during the storm and Littlefield becomes the main suspect in the disappearance, Bennie realizes that the game might have had much higher stakes, and is forced to seriously question his loyalty to his enigmatic brother. Bennie goes looking for answers, embarking on a journey that brings him closer to a truth he may not want to discover. What he finds will change his family and his life forever.

Water Dogs is being adapted for the screen by Darin Mark.

Last Night (2004)

"It was the night they had decided would be the one. What she had been was gone; it had been taken from her. She was almost a different woman from the one he had solemnly promised to help when the time came. A farewell dinner first -- but it should not be just the two of them."

Jamey Sheridan   •   Frances McDormand   •   Sheeri Rappaport

Based on the story by James Salter

Directed by Sean Mewshaw  •  Written & Produced by Desi Van Til & Sean Mewshaw

Cinematography by Tom Lappin  •  Production Design by Shirin Richens

Original Music by Jeff Cardoni and Ben Lively

Official Selection: Venice Film Festival, London BFI Festival, Boston Film Festival, Hamptons Film Festival


"Playing the shell of a woman ravaged by cancer, Frances McDormand is almost unrecognizable in Sean Mewshaw’s "Last Night." Her husband (a convincing Jamey Sheridan) has agreed to put her out of her misery, with a young friend to bear witness. What’s remarkable is the level of intensity and the wallop this film packs in just 22 minutes. " - Boston Phoenix

"Measured, beautifully shot, and using sparse dialogue, Sean Mewshaw's "Last Night" also stood out [at the London BFI Festival]. Adapted from a short story by James Salter, this high budget film about a woman with a terminal illness ending her life has a P.T. Anderson-esque quality to it. Worth seeing alone for a ghost-like Frances McDormand playing the woman living out her last night." - kamera.co.uk

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